Residents of the UC Townhomes address Daniel Killinger, President of National Real Estate Development

Faced with eviction in 3 months, University City Townhomes residents and supporters visited Daniel Killinger, President of National Real Estate Development in his 6th floor offices on April 22.  

The firm has expressed interest in purchasing the UC Townhomes property from the current owner, Altman Management Company. The activists made clear to Mr Killinger that any decision to displace over 68 families, including many children and elderly or disabled residents, would lead to a campaign to notify the public his company is “in the business of displacing low-income families for profit.”

They requested that before National Real Estate proceeds with purchasing the property, Mr Killinger meet again with residents to come to “keep the UC Townhomes property residential and 100% affordable for very low to low income families impacted by rising displacement.”

After the unannounced surprise meeting ended, participants joined a protest on the sidewalk in front of the Center City office building, alongside a banner that read “Save the UC Townhomes!”